A growing market

The travel industry is enjoying booming popularity: young people are travelling more than ever and new retirees are travelling farther, more often. Take advantage of these conditions to offer your insureds an experience tailored to their needs.

Optimal financial performance

Effective cost containment

Active management of our proven network results in efficient control of hospitalization and medical care costs. Our internal teams, constantly on the lookout for the best agreements to optimize your costs, apply a three-pronged strategy:

Strategic partner network
  • Preferred suppliers, especially in the United States (PPO), and elsewhere in the world
  • Reliable healthcare institutions and specialized clinics
  • Major international partners
Negotiation of multiple agreements

Obtaining an optimal combination of rebates and discounts is key. That’s why we negotiate agreements at many levels and with different stakeholders in our network.

Continuous performance analysis

Minimizing costs in real time is also a priority and to succeed, we continually analyze the performance of each of our network partners.

Responsible case management

Our experienced intervention team works synergistically and proactively with all the other stakeholders of each case so as to ensure the well-being of your customers and the responsible management of your costs. Here are some of the principles that guide our decisions:

A well thought-out intervention plan for each hospitalization

When a medical emergency occurs, we quickly establish a strategy with multiple scenarios so as to make the best decisions based on your insureds’ evolving condition.

Ingenious repatriations

Our specialized intervention team orchestrates repatriations efficiently and creatively so as to reduce your costs while providing optimal safety for your customers.

Close relationship with attending doctors

Our doctors are central to our intervention team. In addition to working closely with attending doctors, they exercise a key influential role in medical and financial decision-making.

Rigorous claims management

Our claims management team works closely with you and undertakes to examine each claim with the same attention thanks to a highly rigorous process:

Careful validation

Our examiners diligently check all the items in claim files.

Meticulous analysis

Our examiners carefully analyze questionnaires and medical reports in order to detect any non-compliance.

Efficient processing

Sound case management optimizes the processing of payments for medical fees and eligible reimbursements.

The ongoing improvement of your performance is one of our objectives. Our travel and medical assistance teams, including our doctors, may perform case reviews and recommand mesures to make managing your contract easier, limit your risks and control your costs.

An experience that your insureds will recommend

  1. Each moment of truth is an opportunity. We undertake to seize all opportunities during our travel insurance-related interventions to tangibly enhance the value for your insureds – before departure, during the trip or when making a claim.
  2. Each opportunity has the potential to generate a positive experience. Our teams of professionals assist your insureds and make every effort to generate a positive response during an unpleasant or emergency situation and provide a distinctive customer experience.
  3. Each positive customer experience increases potential recommendations. We know that listening to the voice of the customers is important. That is why we measure your insurance’s net promoter score (NPS) by polling the insureds who used our travel assistance. This feedback is an important tool that helps improve your insureds’ experience.