It’s better to have the right information

A wealth of legal information is available on line, but how do your customers make sense of it all? That’s why we offer personalized, bilingual and easily accessible assistance services by phone for people who want informed answers to their legal questions.

Legal  assistance

Do your customers have issues such as hidden defects, problems with neighbours, shared custody or labour laws? Our legal experts can provide them with information, answers and potential solutions to a multitude of legal issues, as well as sound guidance on their rights and obligations.

Hidden defects

“I’ve just bought a house and discovered mould on some of the walls. What can I do?”

Assets and property

“My neighbour has just installed a fence between our properties without discussing it with me, and is now asking me to cover half the costs. Am I required to pay?”

Contracts and leasing

“My landlord wants to take my apartment for his daughter, do I have to agree?”


“Our mother is increasingly showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. What can we do to continue keeping an eye on her affairs?”


“My ex-husband and I do not have a formal custody order and he wants to move out of town. Can I ask for sole custody?”

Civil liability and disputes

“My neighbour’s dog bit my son’s arm. What can I do?”

Consumer protection

“I bought a refrigerator a few months ago, but it no longer works and the merchant refuses to honour the warranty. What can I do?”


“I was fired for reasons that appear unfounded. What can I do if I feel that I have been wronged?”

Estate assistance

Faced with an aging population and an increase in the net worth of households, estate-related issues are a greater concern for your customers. Our experienced lawyers and notaries can provide them with legal information and first-level, personalized support to help them manage an estate, both in terms of planning and settlement.

Estate planning

“If I die without a will, who will inherit?”

“If I want to amend my notarized will, is it still valid if I make the corrections myself by hand on my copy and sign it?”

“What is the difference between a designated beneficiary and a mention to my legal heirs on an insurance policy?”

“Can I name several estate executors in my will?”

“If I am separated from my children’s father, can I name someone in my will who will have custody of my children?”

Estate settlement

“My mother just died and I am the designated estate executor. What do I need to do exactly?”

“If my father dies and has unpaid debts, is it true that I am personally liable for his estate’s debts?”

“Does the executor have to give me a copy of my mother’s will?”

“My mother has died. She had no money or property, and left a hand-written will. Do I have to have her will recognized by the Court?”

“Is it true that you have to go through a notary to renounce an estate?”

Identity theft assistance

Cases of identity theft have been on the rise these past few years, and your customers could possibly become victims themselves. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with identity theft and many of them are certified by associations that are recognized in the field of fraud prevention and detection (ACFE and IAFCI). They can help your customers act preventively to guard them against the numerous risks and guide them in a restoration process when the security of their identity has been compromised.

For reliable advice about identity theft.

“I lost my wallet, what do I need to do to protect myself?”

“I answered a strange email and I’m afraid that I gave out personal information. Can you help me?”

“How do I choose a secure password?”

“I heard about a data breach from a financial institution. How can I protect myself, because I now fear that my data has been compromised?”

“What is phishing?”


To help victims restore their identity.

“I have just found out that many cell phone accounts are listed in my credit file, and yet I did not request any of them. How can I fix the situation?”

“I have just received a letter from a collection agency that is claiming payment for a debt that is not mine. How do I get out of this situation?”

“I applied for mortgage financing and the financial institution turned me down because of a bad credit rating! In analyzing my credit file, I discovered many loans that are not mine. Where do I start?”