Mélanie Roy

Senior Director, Travel business strategy


Mélanie has more than 20 years of experience in customer contact centre management, contract administration and technology assistance in the insurance field. She joined the Assistel team in 2018 as Manager, Travel Claims. Mélanie’s versatility and continuous improvement expertise are key to the development and success of her team. In 2019, her broad skill set led to her promotion to the position of Senior Director, Travel Business Strategy.

Senior Director Travel Business Strategy

Mélanie heads the team of cost management experts and the Travel Claims team.

Her mandate

Mélanie will guide the strategic and operational efforts of the various travel teams in order to ensure cost control and medical case management that exceed market expectations. She will base her strategies on the active management of our proven network in the United States and on the development of enduring international partnerships.

For Mélanie, optimizing travel cost management is a given.

“The travel industry is changing quickly, and Assistel must be proactive and demonstrate its cost-management know-how so as to guarantee its customers the best financial performance.”

United we stand

Mélanie is backed by a solid team whose complementary strengths contribute to achieving the company’s vision.