Manon Turcotte

Manager, Medical Assistance

Clever | Persistent | Perceptive

Manon has more than fifteen years of experience in customer contact centre management and six years as a consultant specializing in customer experience. She has headed Assistel’s medical assistance team since 2009. A manager with a knack for logistics and case management, she finds innovative solutions to each problem and favours a personalized customer approach.

Medical assistance team

Working from our offices, Manon’s team is in charge of medical case management. Her team of emergency medicine experts works in synergy with our international partners, while ensuring strict control over costs. In addition to the travel component, the team handles our health assistance offer.

We are qualified

The members of our team need to react quickly while making the right decisions. Mature judgment and alertness are the main qualities of the doctors, nurses and other health assistance specialists.

A story that ends well

A customer travelling down south needed an emergency blood transfusion, but no local institution was set up to do this. The speed with which our various intervention team members acted in this critical situation allowed for an emergency evacuation via helicopter to a neighbouring island to receive the appropriate care. The efforts and ongoing follow-up by the team in charge of the file made all the difference, since without the quick transfer the customer would have died the next morning.

Combining our many strengths

We are part of a large team dedicated to the achievement of a single objective: ensuring the well-being of your customers, everywhere and at all times.